Shortage in Singapore Over Time

56% of employers in Singapore are having difficulty filling jobs, the highest figure reported since 2008.

It’s even higher for medium-sized organizations (50-249 employees), with 62% reporting talent shortages in 2018.

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Talent Shortage by Company Size

In Singapore, medium-sized firms have more difficulty filling roles: 62% report hiring challenges and 16% say they’re having more difficulty now than a year ago. Both large companies (250+ employees) and small companies (10-49 employees) are feeling the pinch too, with 58% of large and small companies struggling to fill roles. Micro-employers are doing slightly better, with 47% reporting skills shortages.

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Which Roles Are Most Difficult to Fill in Singapore?

Sales representatives -- B2B, B2C, contact center -- as well as engineers, drivers, professionals and technicians are ranked among the top five hardest roles to fill for this year.



Top Drivers of Talent Shortage

Lack of experience, applicants and higher pay expectations are top drivers of talent shortages in Singapore. As companies go digital and roles transform, finding candidates with the right blend of technical skills and human strengths, such as communication, collaboration and problem solving, is more important than ever.

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Color key
  •  Lack of applicants
  •  Applicants lack required soft skills
  •  Lack of experience
  •  Applicants expect higher pay than offered
  •  Applicants lack required hard skills
  •  Other/don’t know


Leveraging the Talent Shortage Research

Winning in the digital age demands faster, more targeted approaches than ever before. To keep pace in today’s Skills Revolution an effective talent strategy should comprise a blend of four key elements: build, buy, borrow and bridge.


Invest in learning and development to grow your talent pipeline


Go to market to attract the talent that cannot be built in-house


Cultivate communities of talent beyond the organization


Help people move on or move up to new roles inside or outside the organization


What Does Success Look Like?

Learn how ManpowerGroup has helped organizations from around the world address their toughest talent shortage challenges.


Global – Contingent Workforce Solution Enables Diesel Engine Firm to Meet Production Goals

A diesel engine company was struggling to find the right talents and maintaining a skilled workforce.

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Global – Using Data Analytics to Optimize Workforce Strategies

A global technology firm needed help developing a 5-year supply/demand forecast to drive effective workforce planning.

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Global – Talent Management Solutions for the Banking & Finance Industry

Customized talent management solution helps global banking firm to engage, develop and retain its talents.

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